Meet the team

Amware is a flat organization where people are engaged in either doing the work or interacting with customers. We’re busy and we like it that way. You won’t see any middle managers sitting at desks writing CYA emails. We’re in business to serve. If you need to talk to someone on our senior leadership team, just pick up the phone or send us an email.

Our senior team consists mostly of “big company” logistics professionals who came to Amware to build something great, unencumbered by red tape. That team includes:


Harry Drajpuch, Chief Executive Officer


Harry is a 30+ year logistics industry veteran who has held CEO and senior management roles at several large logistics firms. He has driven performance improvements in a wide variety of logistics operations, including eCommerce fulfillment, retail distribution, service parts distribution, reverse logistics, and transportation operations.

Harry’s work passion: driving operational discipline and quality. His play passion: flying. He is an instrument rated pilot who flies his own plane.

Brooklyn born, Harry now lives with his wife in Chandler, Arizona but he travels often throughout the country to visit customers and Amware facilities.


Duncan Thomas, CFA, Chief Financial Officer

Duncan Thomas

Duncan has almost two decades of experience working with and for distribution and warehousing companies in both financial and operational capacities. He is currently responsible for managing the finance team at Amware and has previously managed the company’s facilities nationwide.  

Duncan grew up in the Northeast and moved to Atlanta in 2012 to join the Amware team. He enjoys spending time with his wife and their 3 kids.



Scott Guilmette, Vice President of Business Development

Scott is responsible for all aspects of new Scott200x300.jpgbusiness development, working closely with companies to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of their fulfillment operations.  

Scott's not your typical salesperson. He has 24 years of operations experience in both manufacturing and product distribution.  He has focused the last fifteen years of his career on supply chain management, including high-volume order fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, and customer service functions.

Scott received his Bachelor of Science in Commerce & Engineering from Drexel University, where he played rugby, and an MBA from Lehigh University.  Scott’s still a rugby fanatic, and even has a dog named “Scrummer.”


Robert Toner, Vice President of Operations

RobertTonerRobert has over 30 years of logistics and distribution leadership experience, including nearly 20 years in the eCommerce fulfillment space. He has a demonstrated history of success in P&L profit generation, organizational leadership, customer satisfaction, growth results, cost reduction, and company-culture building.

Robert's specialties include supply chain optimization, process implementation, and building design and expansion.



Doug Coker, Director of IT

Doug-Coker-SiteDoug has over 25 years of operational and managerial experience in all areas of Information Technology. He is a proven leader with the ability to build strong, focused, and independent teams that make significant contributions to organizational success.

Doug's specialties include Information Technology Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Systems Integration.



Leslie Barton, Director of Client Success

Leslie Barton 199x298

With over 20 years of Client Services experience, Leslie works with Amware and customer teams to create fulfillment solutions that drive customer success.  Leslie is a builder, not only of fulfillment solutions, but of true partnering relationships with customers, where Amware serves as a seamless extension of that customer’s team.

Leslie was born in White Plains, NY and is a longtime resident of Chicago.  In her downtime, she enjoys boating and hanging out with her family.