Above all else, Amware is process driven – at all levels of the company.

A process-driven approach is not unusual among quality fulfillment providers. What is rare is actually having the company-wide discipline to adhere to process disciplines, day in and day out, to drive quality and consistency.

Amware’s quality control team leverages a full arsenal of continuous improvement tools and techniques, including:

  • Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Benchmarking, using our “DC Expert” tool.
  • “What if” analyses that explore the impact of layout or process changes on fulfillment cost and service.

Here is a view of our continuous improvement process:

fulfillment continuous improvement graphic

Characteristics of Amware’s quality fulfillment programs include:

  • KPI management. A wide range of metrics can be monitored and reported, based on your requirements. Common metrics include inventory accuracy, order accuracy, on-time delivery, average lines per order, and average orders per hour.
  • Regular and on-demand reporting. KPI reports can be automatically provided on a scheduled basis or you can download reports, on demand, using our web portal.
  • GM control. Each Amware facility maintains a separate P&L, and facility General Managers are incented to drive quality improvements and control costs.