Rely on our full-featured WMS to manage your inventory and order processing

Amware’s full-featured, RF-enabled warehouse management system (WMS) creates process and location efficiency to help lower costs and increase productivity and profit.

This real-time WMS organizes inventory, orders, shipments and workflow for manufacturers, multi-level marketers, e-tailers and distributors. And its success in driving accuracy and efficiency has been proven across hundreds of installations at multi-channel distribution companies.

High-volume, multi-channel fulfillment distribution operations rely on Amware’s warehouse management system to match inventory to orders and to distribution centers (pallets), retail stores (cases/cartons) and consumers (parcels).

The system handles:

  • inbound orders and inventory
  • warehouse operations (locations, picking, receiving, kitting, replenishment, cycle-counting, packing, etc.)
  • multi-carrier shipping (parcel, LTL and Truck loading)
  • reporting and communications (alerts, dashboard, visibility)
  • interaction with other systems (ERP, websites, EDI, carriers)
  • logistics visibility.

Amware’s WMS works in real time on the Microsoft technology platform to deliver actionable information to workers, managers and customers via wireless computers/scanners, desktop applications and web-based dashboard views of key performance indicators. The system is pre-wired to easily connect with retailers, suppliers, carriers and other supply chain partners.

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