Order materials and manage your inventory through our easy-to-use web portal

Amware’s online order and inventory management system puts you in complete control. Place and track orders, manage access to materials, and get real -time reports around the clock, from anywhere in the world.

Amware helps you to…

  • Stay in control – place and track orders, manage access to materials, get real-time reports 24/7 and receive automated email notifications of low stock/re-order points. See order history by user/customer/division, etc. Get auto alerts of key milestones (e.g., orders placed, shipped, delivered).
  • Avoid stockouts – our system can alert you when inventory hits a re-order level.
  • Customize the system – adapt it to your needs without lengthy systems development.
  • Sustain your brand identify – when your team members log into the Amware360 portal, the site would feature your branding.
  • Protect your data – with secure transfer, usage and destruction of data.
  • Ensure compliance – with our online inventory system, you can easily maintain regulatory compliance standards.

Choose Amware because…

  • Access to a national and global network of warehouses with one point of contact.
  • As part of Staci Group, we are a global leader in supply chain solutions for promotional merchandise, working with hundreds of global brands. 
  • Potential to save up to 30% of your marketing fulfillment budget by reducing storage costs, backorders and waste.
  • Automation tools for print and fulfillment ensure that customer communications align with government regulations, industry requirements and brand standards.