The right prescription for your communication needs

In the competitive, highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, you need marketing and business communications that get results, while adhering to regulatory requirements. 

Amware helps you to…

  • Stay Compliant – our Amware 360TM system automates compliance tasks to protect your brand. Read the case study on how our online fulfillment system addressed productivity and compliance issues for a major pharmaceutical company.
  • Maximize efficiency – our system allows fast, easy, online ordering and provides real-time updates on orders and inventory 24/7.
  • Improve marketing results – customization capabilities allow you to make communications more relevant to individual recipients.

Choose Amware because…

  • The eDisclosure feature within our system keeps track of all the ‘fine print’ in one dynamic database and automatically inserts the right copy each time a user places an order.
  • The eWaiver feature in our system generates a pop-up reminder of usages or distribution restrictions for affected documents, then tracks and saves the required data.
  • We can create a dynamic database that links your product and supporting documents, including those not produced, stored or fulfilled by Amware.
  • Our document lifecycle management solution ensures that every version of every document in your inventory is searchable and readily available until securely destroyed at the date you specify.

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