Vemma Nutrition Company has partnered with Amware since 2008.  It is a partnership that has withstood the high of 80,000 orders per month and the low of an 16-month legal battle between Vemma and the FTC that effectively halted the company's sales.  


Throughout the process of rapid growth, temporary shutdown and re-start, Amware continued to support Vemma by maintaining inventory and fulfilling any and all orders that came through, despite uncertainty about the outcome of the FTC’s examination.

Keys to Success

Several factors have contributed to a long and healthy partnership between Vemma and Amware:

  • Scalability. Vemma began with Amware as a relative start-up and grew into one of the country’s top direct selling companies. Amware applied its modular infrastructure strategy for direct seller scale so fulfillment costs paralleled Vemma’s revenue stream.
  • National network. Fulfillment expanded from one location to a two DC network, utilizing Amware locations in Phoenix and Atlanta. This reduced delivery times and costly high-zone shipments.
  • Service excellence. Order accuracy is consistently in the 99.9% range.
  • Parcel freight management. Amware was able to identify hundreds of thousands in yearly parcel shipping savings.


With an expanded product line, Vemma shipping volumes are once again strong and on the rise. According to Vemma CEO, BK Boreyko, “You learn who your best partners are during the tough times. Amware continued to be a valuable fulfillment partner through our highest and lowest points. Their fulfillment expertise and infrastructure makes my job easier because I have fewer things to worry about. I know my fulfillment is being handled professionally.”