Since 1989, food and beverage companies have trusted Amware to provide food logistics services. Amware has FDA-registered facilities and our food warehouses are “superior” rated by AIB International and conform to strict requirements for food-grade distribution.

Amware helps you to…

  • Reduce costs – through improvements in productivity and space utilization.
  • Reduce risk – each Amware food warehouse meets strict AIB standards for sanitation and product traceability.
  • Manage expiration dates – our systems handle a wide range of stock rotation protocols to minimize expired product.
  • Economically manage volume spikes – pay only for the space and services you need.

Choose Amware for food logistics because…

  • fdalogoTemperature controlled space, where available.
  • Advanced WMS to manage FIFO, LIFO and other protocols.
  • FDA-registered
  • Fast, easy lot tracking in case of recalls.
  • Detailed understanding of the compliance requirements of major retail chains (check out our Four Sigmatic case study to see Amware's omnichannel distribution services in action).