Amware is now part of the Staci global fulfillment network, with 78 distribution centers across the U.S. and 7 European countries. The combined Staci-Amware fulfillment warehouse network across the U.S. includes 18 facilities, allowing you to reach 95% of the U.S. population in 1-to-2 days via ground services. Amware specializes in helping businesses scale fulfillment operatons to support any growth trajectory. Contact us to talk about your nationwide warehousing needs.  

map of Staci-Amware fulfillment warehouses

Facts on Amware’s U.S. fulfillment warehouse network

  • About 2.3 million square feet under management with aggressive expansion plans.
  • Mix of bulk, racked and pick and pack space.
  • Uniform operating procedures across all fulfillment warehouse facilities.
  • Wide variety of automated picking technology in use across the network, including robots, to maximize throughput and control labor costs.