Let us help you reduce parcel costs

Amware’s 18 facilities across its 8-campus distribution network minimizes costly, high-zone moves and gets product into your customers’ hands faster. Utilizing our entire network, we can reach 95% of the contiguous U.S. states in 1-2 days with ground shipping services. Read our eBook on 10 Ways to Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs.

Amware helps you to…

  • Lower eCommerce shipping costs – we can put products closer to your customers and leverage our aggregate parcel spend to reduce your parcel costs.
  • Optimize parcel freight through zone skipping – this strategy has saved Amware customers upwards of 20%.
  • Leverage the USPS final mile delivery network – improving cost through consolidation.

Choose Amware because…

  • Excellent, long-term relationships with all major parcel carriers.
  • Experience in leveraging mode shifting and other optimization strategies.
  • National fulfillment warehouse network.
  • IT integration with all major carriers for fast implementation.
  • Advanced systems for parcel shipping for least-cost routing & carrier/method assignment.

Looking to Reduce Fulfillment Costs?  Start with Parcel Shipping.  Here’s How. Download our eBrochure.