High-volume kitting services that are efficient and accurate 

Warehouse kitting is the process of taking multiple SKUs and combining them in a package to create one new SKU. Amware builds thousands of kits daily for etailers and multi-level marketers. We regularly build complex kits that include up to 20 different products. Our warehouse management system accurately manages your inventory, as products morph from units to kits.

Amware carefully packs products, using your packaging, to present a strong, uniform brand image to your customers.

Amware helps you to…

  • Reduce costs – pre-assembly of kits gives you the labor efficiency and accuracy of mass assembly of the same package.
  • Manage volume surges – one Amware client has over 5,000 orders of kitted products that hit at the end of the month. We pre-assemble 90% of the base kit so, when the order hits, we can immediately complete the kit and get it out the door.

Choose Amware because…

  • Amware systems allow us to batch similar orders to boost efficiency and accuracy.
  • Significant warehouse kitting experience based on our service to a large number of multi-level marketers and their sales agents.
  • Strong relationship with packaging companies to introduce new strategies to lower packaging costs.
  • Engineered processes ensure efficient use of labor.
  • Comprehensive packaging services include boxing, labeling, shrink-wrapping and custom packaging.

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