Full-featured WMS aids accuracy, efficiency

Amware systems and processes are designed to meet the unique needs of etailers and direct selling companies. Whether you are shipping 200 or 20,000 orders a day, we can provide the attention to detail, customer service and accuracy that your customers demand.

But, hey, we’re talking about systems here. So let’s get a little techy (and while we're at it, check out how we use Pick to Light technology to support a large direct seller.).

Below are just some of the capabilities that Amware’s powerful RF-enabled fulfillment systems deliver.

API Web Services

  • Orders can be sent to Amware’s system from your system throughout the day/night. (Many Integrations have been done with customers including integrations with: Exigo, InfoTrax, Zoyto, IDSTC, Magento, NetSteps).
  • Amware’s order fulfillment systems send out shipment/tracking details as each order is shipped.
  • Amware sends applicable details to you when Receipts, Returns, Inventory Adjustments & QC Holds/Releases are transacted in our WMS.

Gateway Web portal

  • View on hand and available inventory by warehouse.
  • Place and track orders (w/hotlinks to FEDEX, UPS, USPS & Access Tech.) and run reports with “live” data on a 24/7 basis.
  • Allow designated users the ability to delete “pending” orders and backorders.

Order Management

  • Assign orders to a designated primary warehouse based on the ship-to state.
  • Add designated (promotional) items/quantities to incoming orders based on specific order value parameters.
  • Complete backorder management.
  • Check a secondary warehouse (if multi-location account) for available inventory and re-assign the order to avoid a backorder condition.
  • Fraud Order Check: put incoming fulfillment orders On Hold based on a pre-determined set of rules/conditions.
  • Lot Retention Orders: auto-generate orders for a designated quantity of items when a new lot is initially received.
  • Use of both stocked and “build-on-the-fly” kits.
  • Restricted Lots: designate items that have restricted lots that can only be shipped to certain countries or states.
  • Carrier Assignment: determine the carrier/method that gets assigned to orders based on a pre-defined rules set (order weight, service level, transit time, least cost routing, etc.).
  • Inbound Hold: hold incoming orders for a specified timeframe if they contain items that have insufficient inventory (to reduce the creation of backorders).
  • Auto calculate an item’s re-order quantity (by warehouse) using a rolling average of quantity shipped and a designated days on hand factor.
  • Create custom pack slip / invoices that accompany each shipment.
  • Receipt detail and summary re-order email notifications.
  • Auto-process orders during “off hours” to improve order fulfillment.
  • Auto-close orders during the day, allowing Amware staff to do more value-added customer activities.
  • Pre-sort pack slips/invoices to enable batch labeling & processing.

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