Why Marketing Fulfillment Matters: 8 Marketers Share Their Insights

February 22, 2019 by Leslie Barton

Successful marketing is a bit of a balancing act. The best strategies are built on the right mix of media, messages, timing and budget, with enough flexibility to nimbly respond to changing conditions.

But don’t overlook the importance of good execution. How many times have you seen a brilliant idea or plan fail because it wasn’t well carried out?

Good execution includes getting your messages and materials to your audiences accurately, at the right time and in the right quantities. That’s the job of marketing fulfillment.

marketing fulfillment

Now, you may think of marketing fulfillment as just a back-end function, almost an afterthought. Or you might not think of it at all – until something goes wrong. (If, for example, your point-of-sale materials don’t arrive in time for a big product launch, fulfillment will suddenly become top of mind.) In reality, however, a good fulfillment partner can be a valuable ally in your marketing strategies, in ways that extend well beyond packing and shipping your marketing collateral.

But don’t take our word for it. Download 8 Experts on Marketing Fulfillment, a new Mighty Guides eBook sponsored by Amware.

This Mighty Guide incorporates insights from brand, product and program executives employed in a variety of industries. (Full disclosure: none are Amware clients.) These marketers were asked to provide tips and best practices for managing the fulfillment function. They also discuss the benefits they derive from their partnerships with companies specializing in fulfillment.

This is the first of eight blogs that will feature content from the new Mighty Guide. In each of the next seven posts, we plan to focus on one key benefit or theme from its pages. As a preview, here are some key points and take-aways from the eBook:

  1. Keeping materials fresh and up-to-date makes marketing more effective, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers.
  2. Businesses undergoing rapid growth are better able to scale up their marketing by using an outside fulfillment vendor.
  3. A good fulfillment partner can help you cut costs through better inventory control, reduced waste and more efficient production processes.
  4. Outsourcing marketing fulfillment frees up internal staff to focus on strategic marketing initiatives and core business issues.
  5. An outside vendor can strengthen a company’s regulatory compliance.

There’s more, of course; and we’ll cover it in the rest of this series. In the meantime, be sure to download the Mighty Guide.

If you would like to discuss your marketing programs or fulfillment needs with our experts, contact Amware Logistics. We have more than 45 years of experience in this business, and we’ll be glad to share the insights we’ve gained through that tenure, to help you make your campaigns and operations more efficient and effective.

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