Amware Voice Picking Solution Helps 32 Degrees Scale Fulfillment

October 6, 2020 by Amware Fulfillment

32 Degrees is an apparel company whose clothes offer maximum comfort at a valued price. The company sold only through retail channels until 2017, when it launched Since then, online sales have exploded.

That triggered a search for a B2C fulfillment company that could handle a high volume of very complex orders. 32 Degrees now averages 45,000 eCommerce orders per month, and that number is steadily rising. SKUs number anywhere from 1000–2,000, depending on the season, and the order profile requires a more complicated pick process, with about 5 different SKUs per order. Nearly every order is unique.

voice-picking-solutionAmware was able to leverage an existing high-volume voice picking solution to easily handle 32 Degrees’ order volume and complexity.

Keys to the success of this eCommerce fulfillment program included:

  • Scalability. With the new voice picking solution in full operation, 32 Degrees shipped more B2C orders this past July 4 than they did on Cyber Monday the previous year. Fulfillment is no longer a barrier to growth.
  • Adapting based on SKU-specific forecasts. 32 Degrees proactively feeds Amware forecasts based on seasonal trends and upcoming promotions around specific products. Based on this data, Amware shifts faster-moving SKUs to forward pick areas to reduce travel time and pick orders faster.
  • Parcel savings. A change from USPS to FedEx SmartPost using Amware’s lower rates resulted in substantially reduced parcel costs.

Amware’s voice picking solution handles a high volume of very complex orders accurately and efficiently. As a result, 32 Degrees now has confidence that the company can scale fulfillment operations to meet any growth trajectory.

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