Should Your Warehouse Fulfillment Network Include Multiple DCs?

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on March 21, 2023

Online sellers continue to struggle with how many warehouses they need to keep customers happy, while controlling overall product distribution costs. The size of your fulfillment warehouse network depends on a number of factors, including the uniqueness of your product. Amware CEO, Harry Drajpuch, addresses this question in this short video clip. 

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Fulfillment Processes: Advice for Growing Companies from IZBA’s Jennifer Polce

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on March 7, 2023

The Unboxing Fulfillment podcast recently hosted Jennifer Polce, the Director of Consulting at IZBA Consulting, for a discussion about the operations challenges related to rapid sales growth. Listen to the episode or read her key takeaways below.

The IZBA client roster includes many B2C brands who have experienced tremendous growth streaks. Here are Jennifer’s top five tips for ecommerce companies who are managing sudden

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7 Key Considerations for Warehouse Network Design

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on February 28, 2023

When it comes to warehouse network design, there was a time when the top question for the people managing warehouse location searches was “Would I like to visit this location?” But those days are long gone says Jeff Haushalter of leading supply chain design and engineering firm, Chicago Consulting.

These days warehouse network design decisions are data-driven and carefully and continuously analyzed.

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Podcast Discusses Automated Order Fulfillment

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on February 6, 2023

Amware Fulfillment’s CEO, Harry Drajpuch, was a recent guest on the Digital Supply Chain Podcast hosted by Tom Raftery, former global VP and Innovation Evangelist at SAP. Harry and Tom chatted about a range of topics, but mainly automated order fulfillment.

Here are a few tidbits from Harry's interview to whet your appetite for listening to the full episode.

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Warehouse Labor: Secrets for Maximizing Productivity

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on January 31, 2023

If you run a warehouse or fulfillment operation, you’re locked in the battle for workers. There’s no way around it today. If you want to attract and keep people, you have to offer the best pay and wages. Everyone in logistics knows that. It’s only about the money.

Or is it?

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Amware eBook Shows How to Improve the Order Fulfillment Process

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on January 24, 2023

What’s at the heart of the customer experience for online buyers?

Order fulfillment.All those things that happen after the click – accurately picked and carefully packaged orders, on-time delivery, customer service, returns processing.

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Amware eBook Examines ‘Deadly Sins’ of B2C Order Fulfillment

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on January 17, 2023

To be successful, B2C order fulfillment operations need to be responsive and efficient to drive profitability and to keep customers happy and coming back. But for logistics leaders, it’s not always clear what improvement initiatives should take priority. A recent Amware eBook, The 7 Deadly Sins of B2C Fulfillment, identifies top fulfillment mistakes made by B2C brands, along with the profit-driving action steps that can fix

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Insights on Fulfillment and Operations Management

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on January 11, 2023

On a recent episode of the Unboxing Fulfillment Podcast, host Harry Drajpuch chatted with supply chain veteran, Jim Tompkins, on a range of issues related to fulfillment and operations management. Jim is the author of 31 books and, between them, Jim and Harry have over 70 years of industry experience.

Here are a few of the notable fulfillment and operations insights from the episode, with commentary.

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Amware Welcomes New Associate, Rob Ott

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on January 5, 2023

Amware Fulfillment welcomed many new associates this past year, dozens from the same manufacturing plant in Wilmington, MA. Here's our interview with one of those warehouse associates, Rob Ott.

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Warehouse Robots Address Labor Challenges in Order Fulfillment

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on December 15, 2022

The challenge of finding and keeping warehouse workers in today's labor market has brought the necessity of warehouse robots into sharp focus. Check out this short video on the shift from a manual to an automated pick and pack environment at Amware Fulfillment.

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