Sales Literature Distribution: How to Cut Costs & Complexity

January 31, 2020 by Leslie Barton

Do your sales people, distributors or agents complain that it’s hard to order sales literature or it takes too long to get it?

Are you frustrated by the amount of time and money you spend creating and managing your marketing assets?

Do you wonder how your materials are being used and how effective they are?

Good news! There’s a fulfillment hack that can make producing and distributing your sales literature faster, easier and less expensive.

The solution is a web-based ordering and marketing content management portal.

Why You Should Use an Online Marketing Portal

sales literatureAn online portal, connected to your fulfillment partner’s warehouse inventory system, gives authorized users access to your sales literature and other marketing content any time of the day or night, from any location.

  • With a few clicks of a mouse, they can select the items and quantities they need and place their order. Your fulfillment provider then ships the requested items from their warehouse – ideally, the same day they get the order.
  • Your files can be grouped and tagged for easy search by product, market, campaign, date or other criteria you choose.
  • You can set review and expiration dates for materials, so users can order only the most recent version of a piece, while archiving previous versions for audits and legal purposes.
  • You can also control what materials and how much an individual user or group can access and order, to prevent unauthorized use, over-ordering and other costly practices.
  • Because ordering is integrated with warehouse systems, a portal provides real-time stock levels, as well as historical order and usage data. This information can help you determine ideal reorder quantities, so you don’t order more than you can use, as well as set reorder points to avoid running out of stock.

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In addition, you can create a digital library of your documents and send them electronically (or print them on demand) if you do run out of physical inventory. This avoids delays in order fulfillment and saves you money by eliminating rush reprint and shipping charges.

By creating a digital repository of pre-approved content, you can also take advantage of your fulfillment partner’s online customization capabilities.

Using dynamic templates that allow users to personalize text and images, your sales reps, franchisees, and other authorized individuals can produce customized sales literature and other marketing pieces that are more relevant to their specific prospects.

At the same time, these templates protect your company’s brand standards because you get to specify which content can be customized, how it can be customized, and under what circumstances.

In summary, a web-based ordering and content management portal provides fast, easy ordering along with sophisticated digital capabilities that allow you to store, edit, personalize, disseminate and monitor all of your sales literature and graphic files. By centralizing these materials and functions, you streamline creative, production and distribution; reduce administrative time; gain greater control over your assets; save money; and boost productivity.  

If your fulfillment partner doesn’t offer this capability, contact Amware for a demonstration of the power of our portal.

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