Outsourced Fulfillment: Do You Need an On-Site Fulfillment Representative?

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on September 16, 2021

If you’re new to using outsourced fulfillment services, you might hesitate to turn over complete control of your fulfillment operation without some guaranteed supervision. Some eCommerce sellers choose to place a fulfillment representative on-site at the fulfillment center to keep a dedicated line of communication open and ensure that the third party logistics provider (3PL) performs as expected. But is it worth it?

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10 Questions a Product Fulfillment House Should Ask When Quoting Your Business.

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on September 14, 2021

Whether you’re outsourcing fulfillment for the first time or looking for a new 3PL, expect a lot of questions when you talk to prospective partners. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The best product fulfillment houses will be just as curious about your business as you are about theirs. They need in-depth information about your products, markets and operations to determine if they’re a good match for your

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New Video: How Kitting Services Deliver Customization at Scale

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on September 13, 2021

Order fulfillment is not always just about picking a box off a shelf, slapping a label on it and putting it in a parcel truck. Many brands require a far more customized approach, where multiple items are assembled into custom kits that often have special packaging requirements, as well.

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Is a Phoenix Distribution Center a Lower-Cost Alternative to an LA Warehouse?

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on September 9, 2021

In the face of continued supply chain disruption from COVID-19, retail shippers should consider a Phoenix distribution center as a more cost-effective alternative to Southern California to reach customers in the Southwestern and Western United States. An eCommerce boom and ongoing supply chain disruptions created record low vacancy and historically high rents for industrial real estate around the country. The situation has

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Temporary Warehouse Staff: What’s the Right Ratio Vs. Full-Time?

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on September 2, 2021

What’s the right ratio of temporary warehouse staff vs. full time staff?

It’s an age-old question with an age-old answer: it depends.

An 80/20 mix of full-time to temporary staff is a good baseline. You always want at least some degree of flex.

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Sales Literature Fulfillment Demands a Modern, Online Ordering System

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on August 26, 2021

To quote Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, “speed is the new currency of business.” You can’t afford to miss a beat during any step in the buyer’s journey. That’s why you need to move your sales literature fulfillment into the cloud via an online ordering and inventory management system.

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Getting more than just fulfillment from your fulfillment house

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on August 24, 2021

If you’re looking for a fulfillment house to provide pick, pack and ship services for your eCommerce orders, there are plenty of 3PL companies to choose from. What you may not realize, however, is that some of these companies can provide several services that go above and beyond basic B2C fulfillment operations. In this article, we’ll look at 5 of these value-added services in greater detail – services that could be

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Guidelines on Pick and Pack Fulfillment Productivity Standards

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on August 17, 2021

Fast-paced warehouse functions such as pick and pack fulfillment need clear standards to ensure the job gets done in the best possible way. Therefore, any efficient fulfillment operation will establish productivity standards that span the entire length of the operation, from the moment a trailer full of inventory hits the dock door until the individual item gets shipped to the end customer. These productivity standards

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Video: When is it time to change fulfillment providers?

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on August 12, 2021

Is your fulfillment provider helping you satisfy customers and grow your brand?  Or is it holding you back from enjoying greater success and growth?  These are tough questions, but your business may depend on you asking them.

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Order Fulfillment Solutions for HSN, QVC and other Home Shopping Channels

Posted by Amware Fulfillment on August 10, 2021

A home shopping television network is an ideal way to sell a product in high volumes, quickly. Once you sign a deal, however, you need the fulfillment know-how to protect your relationship with the network and make sure your operations are ready for order spikes ranging anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000+ orders per day.

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