6 Benefits of Outsourcing Literature Distribution

June 18, 2020 by Leslie Barton

If your house needed a new roof, would you replace it yourself? I’m guessing you wouldn’t – because you’re a marketer, not a roofing expert.

So why are you still handling your company’s literature distribution in-house?

literature distributionBusinesses ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies routinely outsource all sorts of ancillary functions, like accounting, billing, payroll and human resources. Yet a surprising percentage continue to manage their own literature fulfillment. As a result, they’re missing some important opportunities to work smarter, save money and get better results.

Let’s look at six key benefits to outsourcing this critical, but non-core, function to a professional fulfillment and distribution services company.

1. Increased sales opportunities. Catalogs, brochures, postcards, sell sheets and other promotional pieces can be important marketing tools – but only if they get to their intended audiences quickly. In today’s hurry-up business environment, you need to get your information to prospects before your competitors do. Marketing fulfillment companies have experienced staff and streamlined processes to expedite picking, packing and shipping, for the fastest possible time to market.

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2. Cost efficiencies. Keeping distribution of your marketing collateral in-house means you have to buy/lease the required storage space, equipment and systems. You also have to hire and train staff, pay salaries and benefits, and carry all the other overhead associated with this function. Those costs are fixed, whether your equipment and personnel are working at full capacity or not. By outsourcing, you get the services and expertise you need at a much lower cost because you’re leveraging your fulfillment vendor’s economies of scale and only paying for what you actually use. What will you do with all the money you save? Expand your marketing reach through new channels? Run additional campaigns?

3. Flexibility. With a third-party fulfillment specialist, services are scalable. If you have a slow month, you won’t be paying employees the same, fixed salary to do less work. If your business suddenly takes off, you won’t be worrying whether your employees can keep up or scrambling to hire and train more, temporary help.

4. Technology upgrades without the capital investment. A good fulfillment partner will make regular investments in technology to ensure consistently superior service. Think about the advantages of technology like an online ordering system that lets you and other authorized users access materials any time, from anywhere. Self-service capabilities cut the cost and complexity of sales literature distribution and speed the order and delivery process – all of which makes life easier for corporate marketing staff. These systems can also be programmed to limit order quantities, prevent access to outdated materials, restrict access based on title, function, locale or other parameters, and much more.

5. Business intelligence. Your literature fulfillment partner’s ordering and warehouse management system will track your inventory from dock to stock to delivery and maintain historical data on orders and usage. This data can help you set ideal reorder points and quantities for each piece of inventory, so your literature will always be in stock when you need it. Reports can also help you spot waste and implement charge-backs for better cost control.

6. Increased focus on revenue-producing initiatives. By working with a trusted distribution partner, your department can free up more time and attention to concentrate on activities that build your company’s brand and increase revenues.

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Literature Distribution?

Sales and marketing literature is often the first physical contact your prospects have with your company. To make a good first impression, you want your collateral to arrive quickly and in good condition. The right sales literature fulfillment company can make sure that happens every time.

It’s important to partner with a company with a proven track record of accurate, on-time performance, as well as the commitment to work with you as an extension of your marketing department. Not sure where to start? Our fulfillment experts will be happy to help. Contact Amware today.

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