NeoLife turns to Amware for Direct Sales Fulfillment

February 9, 2023 by Amware Fulfillment

As one of the leading nutrition companies in the US, NeoLife, has seen its popularity soar as more Americans seek to adopt happier and healthier lives. The direct sales company’s growth has challenged its operations team to scale direct sales fulfillment capabilities to keep up.

This article previews the latest Amware case study on how Amware has helped NeoLife scale fulfillment operations and boost customer satisfaction.


The problem: single warehouse strategy

NeoLife imageNeoLife’s direct sales fulfillment operations were performed at a single warehouse in Fremont CA, near its San Jose headquarters. This single West Coast location led to two problems.

First, it created lengthy delivery times which impacted customer satisfaction. Orders for East Coast customers, for instance, would commonly take 7-10 days to arrive.

The second problem was that, as NeoLife became more successful, it was rapidly outgrowing its warehouse. NeoLife's leaders knew the company needed to scale direct sales fulfillment operations to support future growth.

“We wanted to expand capabilities without large capital investments, and we knew the right 3PL could get us there,” says Clarissa Perez-Pacheco, NeoLife’s VP of Operations, North America.


The solution: Amware scalable fulfillment for direct sales companies

Amware was able to scale NeoLife’s operations through the following:

Scale space and labor. NeoLife’s sales grew by 62% in its first 4 years with Amware. Amware’s flexible infrastructure has gave NeoLife all the necessary space and resources to accommodate growth.

Establish a multi-DC network. Amware fulfilled NeoLife’s orders from two of its locations: Dallas and Phoenix. This put product closer to most customers, enabling an average order-to-delivery time of 3 days.

Support complex packout needs. NeoLife employs a range of packaging types, including boxes and pouches. NeoLife also likes to include branded messaging on its packing slips. Amware was able to handle all custom pack-out requirements accurately and efficiently.

Create a team approach. The NeoLife and Amware staffs function as one integrated team. “Amware people are very responsive to order status and other requests,” says Perez-Pacheco. “When the answer is not available on the portal, we can get the information we need quickly.”


The results: read the direct sales fulfillment case study

To learn more about the NeoLife-Amware partnership, check out the full case study.


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