Is Your Marketing Fulfillment Partner Helping Your Business Succeed?

January 15, 2019 by Leslie Barton

Is your marketing fulfillment partner contributing to your company’s success? If you find this question unusual, maybe you’re not aware of all the ways a good fulfillment partner can help your business grow. 

Better fulfillment partners not only save you time and money, but also help you:

  • Cut through competitive clutter with personalized messaging, to achieve better results,
  • Stay in compliance with regulatory requirements, and
  • Produce the materials you need, in multiple versions, when and where you need them.

Marketing Fulfillment PartnerThis fact is amply illustrated by the case examples in Amware’s new eBrochure, Optimizing Distribution of Print and Marketing Materials.

Take, for example, the bank that wanted to cross-sell services to small business customers using their ATMs to generate leads. Each ATM transaction generated a message asking if the customer was interested in learning more about services aimed at this market.

Amware worked with the bank to develop a solution incorporating a secure FTP feed, variable digital print, ordering, fulfillment and reporting. Using the client’s data feed of all positive ATM responses and our in-house digital printing capabilities; we create and mail a personalized letter with an offset brochure. Given the number of studies that prove how much personalization increases response rates, it came as no surprise that the bank’s initial seven-region roll-out was successful. So much so, that they decided to expand the program nationwide.

Variable data printing also played an important role for a national financial institution that asked for our help with a compliance-related issue. How, they wondered, could they prove that each of their 10 million annual new customers is receiving timely, accurate disclosures regarding account and service fees, terms and conditions, as required by law?

This client was already using our web-based custom kitting tool to produce new account packages. This system is programmed to ensure that each of kit contains all of the required disclosure forms and other collateral for the type of account being opened. Using that platform, Amware developed a process to imprint new account kits with a unique control number. An integrated data feed enables the bank to track bulk shipments of the kits we create to various branches and offices. From those locations, they can also track distribution of individual kits to new customers through the digitally imprinted control numbers. This process provides proof of compliance in the event of a regulatory audit, reducing their exposure to fines and sanctions.

Another example – this one a multinational technology manufacturer. This company’s HR staff had been printing and storing large quantities of recruiting and employment materials and manually collating those materials into kits for hiring events and orientations around the world. As you can imagine, this was extremely labor intensive and expensive. They needed a way to produce these kits, in multiple languages and versions, more time- and cost-effectively.

Our solution? We converted most of their human resources materials to electronic files, so that their documents could be quickly updated, personalized and digitally printed as needed. Amware’s online inventory system includes rules to ensure that users order the right documents and most recent versions in the right languages. As a result, they always get exactly what they need, at the time they need it, without tying up budget in excess inventory and related storage costs.

So, once more, is your fulfillment partner helping your company grow and achieve its business goals? If not, get in touch with Amware. We have the solutions you need, from basic pick and pack to more advanced services like custom kitting, digital printing and print management.

For more examples of how Amware has helped real-life customers produce communications that produce results, download Optimizing Distribution of Print and Marketing Materials.

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