How Many eCommerce Fulfillment Centers Should You Have?

April 13, 2021 by Amware Fulfillment

This is a difficult question for many growing online brands because it forces a choice. Do you keep things simple and limit facility, labor and inventory costs to one facility?  Or, do you create a more complex eCommerce fulfillment center network in order to reduce parcel costs and respond to consumer demand for faster shipping?

The simple infographic below can guide your decision.


Amware Fulfillment operates a national fulfillment network, with 15 eCommerce fulfillment centers spread across all key US markets. Many of our customers use only one Amware warehouse, while others use two or more to meet their customers’ order-to-delivery-time requirements.

If you’re struggling to decide how many fulfillment centers you should have, our analysts can work with you to determine if expanding your fulfillment network makes sense – from both a service and cost perspective. Contact us to start a conversation


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