Is Your Marketing Fulfillment Program Paying Off?

February 7, 2019 by Leslie Barton

Performance matters. In track, a split-second can make the difference between finishing first and coming in second. In football, the precision with which the quarterback throws can make the difference between a touchdown and an incomplete pass.  Performance matters in your marketing production and fulfillment program, too.

  • If your materials arrive a day or two after your competitors’ delivery, you may be losing sales.
  • If your inventory sits on a shelf until it’s obsolete, you’re wasting precious print budget.
  • If you’re constantly running out of stock, you could be losing sales while those items are on backorder. Or wasting print dollars on rush reprint charges. Or both. (Not to mention wondering whether the items flying off the shelf are actually going to good use.)

If you’re experiencing challenges like these, your marketing fulfillment program needs an overhaul. It’s time to take a closer look at what you’re doing – and how you could be doing it better.

Amware can help you get started. Download our new ebook, 4 Steps to Optimize Marketing Fulfillment. The tips provided in this publication can help ensure that you’re fulfillment program is maximizing marketing dollars by:

  • Streamlining production and fulfillment to produce your materials more cost-efficiently and get them to market faster.
  • Ensuring that you always have inventory on hand when needed, without paying more than you should for printing, storage and fulfillment.
  • Getting the data you need, in real time, to monitor and manage trends in inventory, ordering and shipping.
  • Spending less time managing print and fulfillment and more time on your core responsibilities.

Fulfillment Isn’t Rocket Science…

… but it does require the right equipment, staff and expertise. Our eBook explains how to evaluate your current marketing fulfillment program, the capabilities to look for in a fulfillment partner, and the type of data you should be getting to make good decisions. It’s all designed to help you get more while spending less, by becoming more efficient and effective. And that can make a big difference when it comes time for your performance review!

We’re also available to discuss the specifics of your current fulfillment program and any issues you may be having. There’s no obligation beyond an hour or so of your time, so contact Amware today.  

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