Increase in Fulfillment of Branded PPE

August 6, 2020 by Amware Fulfillment

One of the hottest commodities in the pandemic economy is personal protective equipment (PPE). And it’s not just consumers searching for masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Marketers are now looking at PPE as a means to protect associates and customers and also to promote their brands.

Branded PPEAmware’s marketing fulfillment service works with businesses to streamline the distribution of sales literature and promotional items. According to Amware’s director of client success, Leslie Barton, “Corporate marketers are placing company logos on PPE supplies and sending it out to their sales reps and customers.”

As a result, Barton says, Amware has seen an increase in projects that involve creation of a high volume of custom PPE kits, like the one pictured from SiriusXM satellite radio.

  • Large pharmaceutical companies are providing PPE to protect sales people and other associates as contact with outside businesses increases
  • Insurance and entertainment companies are sending branded PPE to customers
  • Healthcare facilities are sending kits to frontline workers that include a “thank you” t-shirt, plus PPE

Much of this recent activity across Amware’s nationwide fulfillment warehouse network comes via Amware’s partnerships with companies like The Sourcing Group, which provide businesses with a wide range of branded materials. According to The Sourcing Group’s executive vice president, Rick Clemente, when COVID-19 hit most companies were desperate to just buy the product and were not thinking about branding. But that’s changing.

“When it comes to branded products, people typically think of pens, hats and promotional items,” says Clemente. “But we’ve seen a tremendous increase in orders for branded PPE products.”

The Sourcing Group can serve as a single-source partner to purchase product in bulk, print a branded message on the product and then, through partners like Amware, store and distribute it. They can even assist with ordering systems.

According to Clemente, “For the Subway restaurant chain, we sourced PPE and quickly created an online site where franchisees can order products and pay with a credit card.”

The increase in branded PPE makes good marketing sense. Companies want to be associated with being smart, safe and responsible during these trying times. Branding very visible PPE products is a way to do that.

If you need distribution services for branded PPE, contact Amware to discuss how we might help.

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