Fulfillment Kitting Services: Great Collateral Deserves Great Packaging

October 17, 2019 by Amware Fulfillment

You invest a lot of creativity and budget dollars into your marketing collateral, refining your messaging and design for maximum effectiveness. But, when it’s time to deliver those materials to your prospects or customers, is ho-hum packaging undercutting their impact?

Sure, a simple cardboard box is fine for bulk shipping collateral to sales offices. But when you’re distributing single copies of multiple pieces to individual recipients – especially if this is your company’s first tangible contact with a prospect or new customer – ditch the manila envelope and, instead, compile your materials into an attractive kit with fulfillment kitting services.

Benefits of Kitting

fulfillment kitting servicesKits can provide structure when you’re presenting a lot of information that might otherwise be confusing or overwhelming. By ordering your materials in a logical sequence, you create an easy-to-follow flow that moves the recipient along toward the desired action.

Kits are also useful for those times when you want to send samples, promotional items, CDs, DVDs, flash drives or other three-dimensional articles with your literature. Enclosing everything in an eye-catching package makes a good first impression and keeps everything organized in one place.

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Use fulfillment kitting services to package:

  • Recruiting materials and employment applications
  • Benefits booklets and enrollment forms
  • Instructional packets and training materials
  • Demonstration, display and point-of-purchase materials
  • Dealer and franchisee supplies
  • Media and investor documents and more

Be Creative with Your Fulfillment Kitting Projects

When it comes to kit design, you have a world of choices. Think in terms of something that will stand out when it lands on your recipient’s desk.

Consider using an unusual size, shape or material for the outer package. Add teaser copy or inviting graphics. The contents themselves can be attractively contained in an embossed or printed pocket folder, spiral or perfect-bound booklet, binder or custom case.

If you’re likely to need a large number of the same kit – for example, for trade shows or training sessions – bulk assembly will save you money. Any good fulfillment kitting services provider can assign the kit its own unique SKU and store them in quantity in its warehouse.

Packaging does more than just protect your materials during transit. Done properly, it identifies your brand, communicates value and invites recipients to look inside. Once they do, your killer collateral can work its magic, as well.

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