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October 12, 2021 by Chad Warzecha

The Dallas Fort-Worth region is the 4th-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. and is home to over 7.5 million people. Its size and location have distinct advantages, particularly in the realm of eCommerce fulfillment. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits that your company can receive by partnering with a fulfillment company in Dallas to ship to your B2C customers.


Advantages of working with fulfillment companies in Dallas


1. Dallas’s central location can reach nearly 1/3 of the US population in 2 days via Ground service. While it’s considered part of the Southwest, Dallas sits near the middle of the country. This central location enables Dallas fulfillment providers to reach a large segment of the US population within 2 days.

FedEx-Dallas-Fulfillment-MapIn looking at FedEx’s Ground service map, you can see that a very large territory can be reached from Dallas with 2-day Ground service. That’s over 100 million people, or just less than 1/3 of all Americans. Companies that have large portions of their consumer base in this territory can enjoy the cost savings that Ground service brings compared to more expensive premium and expedited services.

2. Dallas has a growing labor market. In our post-pandemic society, companies in every industry are struggling to find and retain workers. Due to the rise of eCommerce, the labor supply/demand balance is particularly tough in eCommerce fulfillment. Fortunately, finding qualified warehouse workers is less of a struggle in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, which has been recently identified as the top-performing labor market in the U.S. Already home to a large population, Dallas-Fort Worth is expected to see a net influx just shy of 80,000 people in 2021 – and even more in 2022. When combined with people returning to the workforce, this increase will bolster Dallas’s labor pool and help with the staffing need of Dallas fulfillment companies.

Fulfillment-companies-in-dallas3. Texas has a robust logistics infrastructure. Texas is home to 10,539 miles of freight rail and 313,000-plus miles of public roads, giving it one of the country’s largest and most agile land transportation networks. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is close to four major interstates; is close to major hubs of two of the country’s largest rail operators; is close to two major airports; and can send or receive freight to or from the Port of Houston. This robust logistics network makes it easy to get product to and from a Dallas fulfillment warehouse.

Even better from a fulfillment perspective, the region is home to one of FedEx’s major sorting centers. This close proximity enables your fulfillment provider to schedule later pickups with FedEx, which leaves more time to fill orders during the day.

4. Dallas has a large transportation pool. More than 600 motor carriers operate out of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, and most major US carriers have terminals in the area, a fact that offers your company a huge range of options when it comes to inbound and outbound transportation. Most important to you, the region is well served by all of the major parcel carriers. In addition to FedEx, the USPS, UPS and DHL have major facilities in the area.

5. Texas is a business-friendly state. Chief Executive magazine has ranked Texas as the #1 state to do business in for 17 consecutive years, and Forbes recently ranked it #2. This isn’t surprising when you consider that the cost of doing business in Dallas-Fort Worth is 2-7% lower than the national average – and much lower than other major metropolitan areas with a robust logistics infrastructure. This lower operating cost translates to lower overhead for fulfillment companies, and thus lower rates for fulfillment space and services in the Dallas region.

Other business-friendly traits include the fact that corporations in Texas pay no corporate income taxes, and the fact that Texas is a right-to-work state, with one of the country’s lowest rates of unionization.

6. Dallas is where your customers are. At Amware Fulfillment, many of our clients have large customer bases in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, as well as within the 2-day Ground shipping radius described earlier. This is especially true for many of our clients that sell nutraceuticals, and health and beauty products, as well as direct selling companies. For many of these clients, Dallas-Fort Worth ranks in the top 3 in terms of where their customers are located. Our Dallas fulfillment centers allow these companies to reach their customers quickly and cost-efficiently.

7. Dallas is a great market for eTail or retail start-ups. When it comes to being a business incubator, this is clearly not Dallas’s first rodeo. It gave some of the country’s most successful retailers and direct selling businesses their start, including Michaels, 7-Eleven, The Container Store, and Mary Kay. And several more, including JC Penney, Tuesday Morning, Sally Beauty, and Neiman Marcus, are headquartered there.

Looking for a fulfillment company in Dallas?

Amware Fulfillment is proud to have two Dallas fulfillment centers which offer nearly 200,000 square feet of prime fulfillment space. The short distance between these facilities makes it easy for us to scale operations, as we cross train associates and can pull people from one operation to another as volumes dictate. With this flexibility, it is common for us to support companies as their volume fluctuates from hundreds to thousands and even tens of thousands of orders per day.

Our Dallas facilities are part of our nationwide fulfillment network, which has distribution centers in 6 major US markets. To learn more about how we can put this fulfillment network to work for your business, contact Amware today.

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