Food Fulfillment Services: Four Sigmatic Case Study

April 27, 2023 by Amware Fulfillment

For fast-growing nutrition brand, Four Sigmatic, Amware helped reduce pick and pack costs 15%, reduce parcel shipping costs 4%, and sustain 99.9% order accuracy through a period of rapid growth.

Keys to success included:

  • food-fulfillment-services-1Omni-channel distribution. As Four Sigmatic’s sales model shifts from B2C to more wholesale and retail, Amware helps manage the varying shipping requirements of distributors and retail chains to minimize chargebacks and keep those important customers happy.
  • Facility-based customer service. CSRs interact directly and immediately with warehouse personnel to address urgent requests. Four Sigmatic execs call this a real “difference maker” for them since they had problems with a previous provider of food fulfillment services that operated with a centralized customer service team.
  • Scalability. Four Sigmatic is in 2 of Amware’s 18 nationwide fulfillment centers and wants the ability to expand and change facilities, as needed, to continuously optimize transportation.

Check out the full food fulfillment services case study here.


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