Flexible Warehousing Solutions: A Public Goods Case Study

September 22, 2020 by Amware Fulfillment

Since the arrival of the COVD-19 pandemic, “flexibility” has become a way of life. From parents adapting to their children’s virtual classrooms to business owners navigating operational and staffing challenges, the ebbs and flows of life are now much more drastic than they were pre-pandemic. This is certainly true within the world of logistics, where order volumes – especially those for essential household products – have increased dramatically since March.

In response, 3PLs have had to become flexible to help customers get products out to consumers. In this article, we’ll showcase Amware's flexible warehousing solutions in helping Public Goods respond to a 500% spike in orders.

Flexible warehousing solutions in action

flexible warehousing solutionsPublic Goods sells quality household products that are healthy, sustainable and ultra-affordable. Products sold on publicgoods.com include items like hand sanitizers, soaps and toilet paper. Once the pandemic hit, two things happened simultaneously: supply lines (e.g., imports from Asia) became severely backlogged, while Public Goods’ online orders increased as high as 500%. This supply-and-demand imbalance, if not corrected, could have threatened the company’s relationship with its customers.

As Amware’s Phoenix distribution center is a key component of Public Goods’ fulfillment network, Amware staff collaborated on fulfillment solutions with their counterparts at Public Goods from the get-go. These ongoing planning sessions covered everything from adding shifts of workers and new pack lines to expediting receiving, processing and packaging processes.

Amware’s ability to flex operations and quickly implement changes paid dividends. According to Lloyd Ellman, Director of Operations at Public Goods, “Within a couple of weeks, we essentially doubled our capacity to process orders within a day after receiving them, while many of the giant corporations struggled to adjust to the volume surge and continued to take a week or more to process new orders.”

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