How to Combat Dimensional Weight Pricing

February 11, 2015 by Amware Fulfillment

Dimensional Weight PricingWe’ve all heard about the dimensional weight pricing that has gone into effect for UPS and FedEx, eliminating the exemption for ground packages less than three cubic feet. What the carriers have found is that they are commonly delivering cartons with a lot of unused space, causing their delivery vehicles to reach their maximum storage capabilities before maxing out their weight capacity. The hope is that subjecting all packages to dimensional weight billing will encourage shippers to optimize their packaging options.

Why the change? It’s obvious that from the carriers’ perspective they will eliminate the need for additional capex in distribution centers, vehicles and labor. But, for the shipper it is more important than ever to analyze your packaging and align your solution in a strategic method to mitigate the dimensional weight price increases.

What can you do to combat the new cost structure? Our recommendations for eliminating overwhelming shipping cost increases:

  • Always select the smallest box possible that is of adequate size to ensure safe transportation of your product
  • Evaluate use of dunnage and select more effective methods of packing
  • Evaluate the strength of your corrugated boxes to allow for smaller, stronger cartons that eliminate damage to product in transit
  • Research regional carriers, regional based zone skipping options and USPS parcel solutions

We’ve helped several customers combat the new parcel pricing. If you’d like to speak to one of our representatives about options for your company please feel free to reach out at any time: 970-337-7000

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