Amware Helps Thane Improve Fulfillment for Direct Response Marketing

July 8, 2021 by Amware Fulfillment

Thane Direct is one of the leading direct response and retailer marketers in the world, with popular “as seen on TV products” like the H2O mop and the AB Doer 360. When the company became frustrated with the operational performance of its prior order fulfillment partner, it started looking elsewhere. Thane’s search led to Amware, which, as a result its purchase of Moulton Logistics, has considerable experience doing fulfillment for direct response marketing clients.


Block, Tackle, Repeat

thane-abdoerAccording to Thane’s Director of International Operations, Christine Funk, the company had to get back to the basics of shipping orders accurately and on-time. Under Amware, metrics have improved across the board and confidence has increased in the ability of the back-end operation to fulfill sales orders.

Beyond that, the Amware fulfillment solution for direct response marketing delivered:

Scalability. Thane’s order volumes skyrocketed during the pandemic and Amware was able to adapt to the higher volumes while maintaining strong operational performance.

Parcel Savings. Amware’s national fulfillment center network allowed Thane to continue operations in California, while adding a second distribution point on the East Coast. The new bi-coastal distribution model brought immediate and significant parcel savings by eliminating high-zone moves.

Strong Reporting. Reports generated by Amware’s fulfillment system let Thane carefully monitor stock volumes and locations to inform decisions on replenishment, inventory transfer and product promotion.

Excellent Communication. Regular contact with Amware’s customer service team keeps Thane up-to-date on operational status.


Staying One Step Ahead

Thane product volume quadrupled after the pandemic hit, but operational performance still improved. Over time, Amware Fulfillment has become a seamless extension of Thane’s operations team. Thane’s Funk chalks it up to attention to detail.

“Often I call about getting something done and it’s already handled,” she says. “Staff at Amware has been there for a long time, so they can anticipate our needs. It makes my job easier.”

Want to learn more? Read the detailed case study or contact Amware to speak to one of our fulfillment specialists for direct response marketing.  



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